Welcome to Civil War Memory. My name is Kevin M. Levin and I am an Instructor of American history at Gann Academy near Boston. I love teaching and over the past fifteen years I’ve taught a wide range of courses. In addition to survey courses in European and American history I’ve taught the Civil War, Civil War Memory, Lincoln, Race and Gender, and Women’s History.

My research focuses on the Civil War era and historical memory. In 2012 the University Press of Kentucky published my first book, Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder, which explores the racial aspects of the battle and how it was remembered throughout the postwar period.

I am in the very beginning stages of a planned biography of Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew. This will be the first biography of the governor since 1904 and will hopefully help to fill a significant void in our understanding of the era.

My essays have appeared online in The New York Times and the Atlantic as well as popular magazines and academic journals. I have appeared as a guest on The Takeaway, National Public Radio, and Studio 360. In recent years I have worked closely with history educators through programs organized by Teaching American History, The Civil War Trust, Organization of American Historians and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.

Fun Fact: Civil War Memory is currently being archived by the Library of Congress and the Musselman Library Special Collections at Gettysburg College.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with my employer.