150th Anniversary Talk on the Battle of the Crater in Petersburg, Virginia

Welcome to Civil War Memory. I am a historian and former high school history teacher based in Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in the history of the American Civil War and have worked tirelessly for over ten years to share that passion with as broad an audience as possible.

Over the past fifteen years I have taught history on the high school and college levels, most recently as a Visiting Instructor of History at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Previously, I taught at Gann Academy in Waltham, MA and the St. Anne’s – Belfield School in Charlottesville, Virginia, where I offered a variety of courses, including American and European History, American Studies, the Civil War Era, Civil War Memory, Lincoln, Race and Gender, Women’s History and the Holocaust.

 In 2012 the University Press of Kentucky published my first book, Remembering The Battle of the Crater: War as Murder. I am currently editing a book of essays, titled, Interpreting the Civil War at Museums and Historic Sites for Rowan & Littlefield’s “Interpreting History Series.”

My other major project is a book-length study that is tentatively titled, Searching For Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth.

I write regularly for The Daily Beast. My essays have also appeared in New York Times and the Atlantic.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping history teachers improve their classroom practices. Over the years I have worked with numerous programs and organizations, including Teaching American History, The Civil War Trust, Organization of American Historians and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.


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coates“For the Civil War buffs among us, it’s really worth spending some time over at Kevin Levin’s blog, Civil War Memory. I can’t act like I discovered the place–some readers brought it to my attention. But it’s a great blog dealing in exactly what its title claims.” – Ta-Nehisi Coates, the Atlantic

glenn david brasher“There are many fine academic Civil War bloggers, but the undisputed king remains Kevin Levin (author and educator at Massachusetts’s Gann Academy). This year his Civil War Memory blog continued to hit on all cylinders, providing near-daily posts and erudite commentary on how the legacy of the Civil War continues to reverberate in current events.” – Glenn David Brasher, University of Alabama

clio-award-2007“Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory is an impressive individual blog, with a track record of several years. It commonly offers the best of both military history blogging and history blogging about the broader political, intellectual, and social context of regional conflict. This past year, for example, Civil War Memory has devoted considerable attention to the Lost Cause myth and the quest for Black Confederates.” – Cliopatria Award for Best Individual Blog (2007)

Hard Hand of War“Levin’s blog is an insightful look at how Americans remember and commemorate the Civil War. It consists of cogently written short essays, ranging from light-hearted jibes at tacky souvenirs (like a John Wilkes Booth bobblehead assassinating an Abraham Lincoln bobblehead) to a systematic demolition of the neo-Confederate myth that thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy. His work is so good that in 2011 the Library of Congress made the blog part of its permanent digital collection.” – Mark Grimsley, Ohio State University

Fun Fact: Civil War Memory is currently being archived by the Library of Congress and Gettysburg College as part of their permanent digital collections.