Now Was That So Difficult?

Now Was That So Difficult?

Powhatan County, Virginia’s local government has arrived at what seems to be a reasonable solution to the question of how it will remember its rich history. Back in 2004 the county board of supervisors was challenged by various groups after it agreed to hear a petition from the Sons of Confederate Veterans to declare April Confederate History and Heritage Month. Rather than reduce the county’s history to 4 years and one perspective on those years, local leaders decided to cast their net wider.

“The proposed proclamation highlights a dozen aspects of the county’s history, which include the Monacan and Powhatan Indians, the French Huguenots, Revolutionary War Gen. Charles Scott, the University of Richmond, author Marion Harland, model schools for black education and historical sites such as Derwent, where Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee lived for several months after the Civil War.”

Looks like there is something in here for everyone. More importantly, it recognizes the importance of connecting public recognition to various interests and perspectives. It should be noted that Billy Kornegay, vice-commander of the Powhatan troops SCV, took part in the council that drafted the proposal. Good for you Billy!

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