Spotsylvania’s Ghosts

It’s stories like these that make me want to invest in some franchise and open up a store right on top of the “Bloody Angle.” How did this story make the Washington Post?

“As dusk fell, the group of amateur historians were in position, spread out across the grassy field with digital voice recorders at the ready and infrared cameras rolling. If someone — or something — out there so much as sneezed, they were fully prepared to catch it in action. Experts have scrutinized these Spotsylvania County battlefields for years, looking for clues to the past. Now this eclectic group of history buffs had come from Maryland to conduct their own homemade brand of Civil War scholarship: battlefield ghost hunting. Why limit yourself to letters and artifacts, they reasoned, when you can go straight to the source: firsthand, albeit dead, witnesses.”

I look forward to seeing the published results. Perhaps they can find out from their sources the answer to the question from yesterday’s post: What did all those men do for bathrooms?

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