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Kevin Wilmott’s C.S.A.

This is a concise and informative overview about Kevin Wilmott’s documentary, C.S.A.:

Despite the comedy, Willmott’s anger — or more accurately, perhaps, disappointment — is palpable throughout the production. He is clearly not pleased with the current state of American society as regards the legacy of slavery. C.S.A. seems to suggest that, as a nation, we don’t fully appreciate how the images and undercurrents of the slave-holding mentality have been maintained in the nearly one and a half centuries since emancipation.

I still have not seen this movie, but will do so as soon as it hit theatres here in C-Ville. Read the entire article.

Mecklenburg County Debates Confederate History Week

This should be an interesting vote given that last year was split 6-3 in favor and which included a heated debate.  Is the possibility of it not being recognized just another example of political correctness or are we seeing something more significant such as evolving voting patterns and increased sensitivity in local government?  Stay tuned.  Read the article.

Kids hear cannon go "boom" in Georgia

Students in Georgia were treated to a living history event on a plantation in Locust Grove.

The students spent the day on the otherwise peaceful property of Kris and Bill Cawley, the current owners of the Weems Plantation House built in 1848. The plantation house sits just across the street from the school, which is also located on land that used to be a part of the Weems plantation.

“I think it’s so important to share this history with the students,” Kris Cawley said. The Cawleys donated their property to the Atlanta Chapter 18 United Daughters of the Confederacy for the day so that the students, who recently learned about the 1860-1865 War Between The States, could interact with elements of that era.

Robert E. Lee Gray, for instance, impressed students with his authentic 1863 Savage Rifle. The 79-year-old fired several blank artillery rounds into the air.

No indication that anything about life on the plantation was discussed with these kids.  Read the article.

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  • kelsey fontana May 14, 2008 @ 20:16

    i used to live in the weems plantation.
    my great grandmother was Vera Maude Weems.
    She died at 100 years old.
    i was 5 when she died.
    i wish my family didnt sell the house.

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