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Every so often I browse the web to see if anything I’ve said on this blog has made the rounds.  This morning I came across a wonderful reference to my teaching on a listserv:

THOSE DAMNED YANKEE SCHOOLS (and the reprobates who teach in them)

It was those damned yankee schools….” Fans of the movie “Ride With the Devil” will probably remember the scene where a southern planter/sympathizer tells a southern guerilla that the worst thing about the Yankees is their schools. They (the Yankees), round up every tot they can find and put them in their damned schools. It’s a chilling commentary, and one that is even more true today than it was in 1863.  Recently a friend alerted me to a yankee schoolteacher (living in Virginia), named Kevin Levin…

Something tells me that there are a lot of Kevin Levins in the world pontificating in classrooms all over the country. Don’t lose your kids to pond scum like this guy.  As the southern planter says, it isn’t the yankee army that will do us in, it’s those damned yankee schools….. and of course, the reprobates who teach in them.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

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  • Kevin Levin Oct 2, 2006 @ 6:38

    To think that I have the power to upset someone to such an extent that they actually spend time to write about me. I am going to have to watch that my ego doesn’t explode in the near future.

  • Mark Snell Oct 2, 2006 @ 2:35

    Hey, I’m jealous! I haven’t been called a “Yankee” teacher in quite some time. I, however, never have been called a reprobate! Kevin, you are so blessed . . . . (Actually, I am impressed that this rational, educated individual could spell that noun, let alone understand its definition.) Keep on pontificating, Kev. What’s the scientific term for pond scum, anyway?

  • Brooks Simpson Oct 1, 2006 @ 14:23

    Kevin — A sure sign you’ve arrived in the big time!

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