Stepping Out

I’ve spent the past few weeks looking into other ways that I might be able to share my passion for teaching, serious scholarship, and critical thinking with a broader audience.  It’s not that I am losing interest in the classroom, but a matter of wanting a new challenge.  If I had it all to do over again I would work towards a degree in public history and try to land a job in a museum, archive, historical society or other historical site and do educational outreach.  Going back to school is not really an option for me.  At this point I have both an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Maryland at College Park (1995) and an M.A. in History from the University of Richmond (2005).  How many more degrees do I need? 

Luckily for me working at a well-known and well-respected private school in Charlottesville has put me in touch with a number of people who work in various institutions.  I’ve made a few phone calls and have met with a few of these people to pick their brains as to how I might proceed.  Yesterday I met with a curator up at Monticello and before I knew it I was asked to join in on setting up an exhibit for their new Visitors Center.  I couldn’t be more excited about this exciting opportunity.  Perhaps hands-on experience will begin to open some doors.  The exhibit will be interactive and will allow visitors to explore the broad range of Jefferson’s ideas through his own words, images, and legacy. 

This is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • Peter I. Nov 16, 2006

    Get a degree in music!!!
    -a student

  • chris Nov 16, 2006

    That is awesome… sitting here in Colorado, so far away from it all…


  • John Maass Nov 19, 2006

    Good luck in your pursuit.

    Can you give us some details about the new Monticello Visitor Center?

  • Kevin Levin Nov 19, 2006

    Hi John, — Unfortunately, I can’t say much at this point. The old visitor’s center is roughly 30 years old and has little space for exhibits. I have the floor plans in front of me and they leave plenty of room for exhibits and a room which will house a new movie. I am going to get a sneek preview some time in December or January. Perhaps by then I will be able to say more. It’s definitely an exciting time for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

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