Surveying My Audience

At approximately 11:20am I checked my Sitemeter and saw that there were 27 people on the blog.  It’s impossible to conclude much from the information that is provided, but of the 27 logged on at least eight were associated with a K-12 or college/university:

K-12 (Utah), University of Dayton, Auburn University, University of Baltimore, Ohio State University, University of Sussex, University of Sheffield, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I like that there seems to be something here for everyone – even for my friends in England.

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  • Richard Dec 5, 2006

    Being the UDayton visitor I just felt like leaving a comment that it is interesting to be a part of the blogosphere.
    P.S. Looming forward to your book! Strange question, but I was wondering if you say anything about how much deeper the original crater is than what visitors see today.

  • Gary Smith Dec 8, 2006

    I have just discovered your blog thanks to North and South magazine, and have been enjoying reading through your past entries. I am a visitor from the University of Dundee, so there is also something for your friends in Scotland!

  • Kevin Levin Dec 8, 2006

    Welcome aboard Gary and thanks for the kind words.

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