Library of Virginia Examines Virginia History and Myth

The Library of Virginia is off to a fast start in its examination of 400 years of Virginia history.  The next few weeks will include a number of very interesting exhibits and talks.  Its exhibit "Myth and Memory: Exploring 400 Years of Virginia History" opens on January 8 and runs to December 2007. 

Myth & Memory will explore how Virginians remember and shape their history. Anchored by the 1907 and 1957 Jamestown expositions, the exhibition will examine other commemorative events, including the centennial and bicentennial of Yorktown, Emancipation celebrations, Confederate reunions, and local centennial events. Myth & Memory will suggest what history is and explain how public memory reflects our knowledge and life experiences.

I may drive down on Friday to take a look and if I do expect a full report.  The Commonwealth of Virginia has an incredibly rich history and as I’ve learned over the past few years much of that history takes the shape of myth.  For someone interested in the intersection of history and myth there is no better place to live and research. 

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