Remembering The War At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century

Address of Gen. E. Porter Alexander Delivered on Alumni Day, West Point Military Academy Centennial, June 9, 1902

“There resulted many years of bitterness and estrangement between the sections, retarding the growth of national spirit and yielding but slowly, even to the great daily object-lesson of the development of our country. But at last, in the fullness of time, the stars in their courses have taken up the work. As in 1865 one wicked hand retarded our unification by the murder of Lincoln, so in 1898 another assassin, equally wicked and equally stupid, by the blowing up of the Maine, has given us a common cause and made us at last and indeed a nation, in the front rank of the world’s work of civilization, with its greatest problems committed to our care.”

Savannah Morning News, March 6, 1907 (Excerpt from Gen. Floyd King’s Address to the March meeting of the Confederate Veterans Association on Jubal Early and the Valley Campaign)

“You fought comrades, and you suffered Confederates, in the cause of the white man—for the upholding and the maintenance of the dignity and supremacy of the white man; for the preservation and the purity of the white race. That cause still lives, and will live forever. As long as there is a white man on earth; as long as the eternal God rules the universe and dwells in the heavens, that cause, your cause, will live. ‘Tis true the federal government is saved, and I pray it may ever remain. But under the government, and those of the states by the decree of God, the cause of the white man must and shall be fought to a final and eternal triumph.”

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