A Sad Day

All of you have heard about the news coming out of Virginia Tech.  I learned about it during our lunch hour and had to watch a few of my colleagues scramble to touch base with spouses and children who attend school or work at the school.  Every year we send some of our best students to Virginia Tech and I know a couple of people who teach in the History Department.  My thoughts go out to the families of the victims and rest of the Virginia Tech community. 

This is truly a horrible day.

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  • Cash Apr 17, 2007


    Truly horrible. If it can happen at Tech, it can happen anywhere. Tech has one of the most peaceful, safest campuses around. I’m still partly in shock. My wife and I are both Hokies, and both our kids are at Tech. Thankfully, both are fine and got hold of us early on so we barely had time to worry.


  • Kevin Levin Apr 17, 2007

    Cash, — Glad to hear that your kids are safe. We just recently learned that all of our recent graduates who attend Tech are safe. Take care.

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