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  1. We’ve got the same hero.

    Teach on! (and enjoy your summer)


  2. Our principal played an audio tape of this speech for the faculty during a meeting. My colleagues and I thought of additional lines to enhance its meaning.

    “I make your child die a little by sarcastically belittling his attempts to answer. I make 18 years old men, old enough to vote, old enough to die in war, ask for permission to go to the bathroom. And sometimes I say no. But most of all, I make happy hour after school everyday.”
    Ah..good times.

  3. Kevin – I have been on the fence about becoming a teacher. I am 36 and just quit my high paying job to go back to graduate school in history. This video inspired me and I really think I may have found my path I have been searching for.

  4. Hi Rob, — Now you are MY HERO! A year ago my brother was in a similar position and he did the exact same thing. He absolutely loves being back in school studying history and preparing to become a teacher. Good luck with your move.

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