Tune In on September 12

On Wednesday September 12 from 10-12 noon I will be appearing on the radio show "Civil War on the Air" which is WSVA, 550 AM out of Harrisonburg, Virginia.  The show is hosted by Ben Fordney and George Hansborough.  The topic for the show will be black Confederates, and unlike Gerry Prokopowiczs’s Civil War Talk Radio program this one is a call-in show.  Now that should be alot of fun. 

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  • Cash Aug 29, 2007


    There doesn’t appear to be a link on their website to allow people outside their coverage area to listen online, or did I miss that? Since they have a weekly program on the Civil War, it might be a good addition for them to expand their audience. It would be nice to listen to the program while you’re on.


  • Kevin Levin Aug 29, 2007

    Cash, — Unfortunately, unless you are planning on moving into the vicinity of Harrisonburg you will not be able to hear the show. Sorry

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