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in which Stonewall Jackson is referred to as a "champion of enslaved black men and women" I stumbled on another question: Are there any other slaveowners that can be classified along the same lines?  More specifically, are there any other slaveowners who introduced religion to their slaves that can be classified as such or is Jackson the only one?

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  • Rebecca Sep 27, 2007

    Ah, you’re stepping into sticky historiographical territory with this question. I’m willing to bet that a lot of slaveowners introduced Christianity into slaves’ lives–but with a darker purpose. Pro-slavery theology taught that enslavement was a way to promote Christianity, and also that truly Christian slaves accepted their lot in life and were therefore more dutiful and compliant servants.

  • Kevin Levin Sep 27, 2007

    You are making my point for me Rebecca. Most of the yahoos who push this line of thought focus on Lee, Jackson, and the rest of the boys, but if we argue conclude that they are “champions” of their slaves then what is keeping us from extending it more broadly? To argue that the masters introduction of religion to his slaves is simply a reflection of benevolence is to miss your points. This is unfortunately the tendency among people who have an agenda and/or are simple-minded.

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