Bob Dylan Comes to Charlottesville

Bob Dylan came to town last night and put on one hell of a show.  I caught him last spring in northern Virginia for the first time, but last night was special as I had third row-center seats.  He played a number of more obscure songs along with some selections from the latest album.  See the set list hereAmos Lee opened the show and Elvis Costello followed on solo acoustic guitar.  It was nice to hear Costello perform some of the classics such as "Veronica", "Allison", and a few tunes from when he played with the Attractions. 

Now I have to figure out how I am going to teach four sections today.

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  1. Hard to beat Costello doing solo acoustic. He’s great. I’ve seen Dylan a number of times over the years in various incarnations, but only a couple of times when he had a crisp, clean, stripped-down sound (versus a mumbling, unintelligible sound). He always has a first-rate band, though.

  2. Hope you enjoyed Amos Lee as well. I saw him open a show a few years ago and he really blew me away…

  3. Dave, — I guess we have to remind ourselves that he’s no spring chicken. To be honest I just enjoy being in the same room with the guy for a few hours.

    Sean, — Amos Lee was excellent. He has a wonderful voice and I was especially impressed with his cover of Sam Cook’s “Change is Gonna Come” – beautiful interpretation.

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