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  1. Kevin,
    I thought it surely would have been “Stonewall Jackson Testicles” that made it come up first. Oh well, who can argue with success?


  2. Possible reasons for such a Google query:

    1) Confusion as to Stonewall Jackson’s gender: hint – the beard is a giveaway.

    2) A desire to know where Stonewall stood on the matter of sex and if he approved of it, with whom and under what circumstances, and all to answer the question; “What would Stonewall do?”

    3) To see whether a particular sexual practice in which a smaller partner moves against the right flank of a larger one should be euphemistically called a “Stonewall Jackson.”

    4) Because the full query should have been “Michael Jackson Sex” but the Googler had been reduced to a cryonic torper after viewing “Gods and Generals” and had nothing but Stonewall on the brain.

  3. Sorry Tim, but you are on your own with this one. I’m in enough trouble with alot of folks as it is (LOL).

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