Still Standing is Standing Right in Front of Me

That’s right, my copy of the new documentary Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story has arrived. I plan to give it a thorough review very soon so stay tuned.  My comments about one line from the trailer caused quite an irrational outburst on a few fronts.  First, I never claimed to have seen the movie when I commented on the idea that Stonewall Jackson should be seen as the "champion of enslaved men and women."  No amount of argument, whether its religious, historical or moral could possibly convince me otherwise.  Sorry, I just have a problem with the idea that a slaveowner can be properly labeled as such.  I don’t know, call me old-fashioned. 

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  • Mannie Gentile Oct 29, 2007


    As an underemployed ranger/substitute teacher I wonder if you’d be so kind as to share your copy of “Still Standing” with me.

    Being new to the region, I’m not fully hip to the ways in which those who gave their lives to the furtherence of slavery could also be the friends of those very enslaved people.

    Clearly, I’ve much to learn. Either DVD or VHS will be acceptable.

    Thanks, in advance,



    I’d be happy to share my copy of “The Horsesoldiers” with you. A John Wayne epic…never has Constance Towers looked more lovely.

  • Brooks Simpson Oct 29, 2007

    Did Elton John do the soundtrack?

  • Kevin Levin Oct 30, 2007

    I had some time last night and decided to give it a casual viewing. To tell you the truth I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. This is not to say that I have no issues, but it wasn’t what I expected. And unfortunately, I wasn’t convinced by the suggestion that Jackson was a “champion of enslaved men and women.”

  • John Maass Oct 30, 2007

    So what then is the basis for the “champion of enslaved men and women” claim, is it the black sunday school thing at Lex Presbyterian?

  • Kevin Levin Oct 30, 2007

    John, — Yep, that’s basically it. Part of the problem with this documentary is that some of the commentary is substantive while other moments are just completely detached from anything historical.

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