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If you have a few minutes (you are reading this blog which suggests that you have plenty of time) check out The Traveler IQ Challenge.  I was both pleasantly surprised by what I know and horrified by what I thought I knew about the location of major cities, capitals, and significant historic sites.  On the world map challenge, and after a few attempts, I managed to complete 9 of 12 levels.  The precision of the placement of the flags and the measurement of how far you are from the actual destination is both rewarding and potentially embarrassing.  I had the most difficulty with Africa and the islands in the South Pacific.  Apart from Egypt and South Africa I was struck by how little I know about the geography of these two places.  Even when I had placed the flag within the correct national boundaries I was usually way off the mark. The nice thing about this little test is that it does help you learn some of the more obscure places; no doubt the unfamiliarity with certain languages makes it extremely difficult to even identify the correct hemisphere.  Finally, the simplicity of placing flags on a map and the race against the clock makes this mildly addicting.  So give it a shot.

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  1. I made the mistake of sharing this with my wife. She now carries around a world map wherever she goes.

  2. My undergraduate geography minor finally came in handy! Score: 475,880 IQ: 123

  3. I used to teach Geography…IQ 111, 365,677…finally paying off.

    I would love to see what my kids get when we get back after the holidays.


  4. Level 11 44620. Blew a couple of Russian cities badly, but those years in Africa paid off. Hit Fenway Park within 40 kilometers, which at this scale is no mean feat.

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