“Will try to get the letter off to day. I was up after coons all night so want to sleep to day.”

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Description: "And ’twill live in song and story, Though its folds are in the dust" is printed at right.  The back has a great description:  "One of the most pleasing as well as spectacular features of the great re-union of C.S.A. Veterans, which was held in Richmond in May-June 1907 for the purpose of participating in the exercises incident to the unveiling of the Jeb Stuart & Jefferson Davis Monuments, was the arrangement and costuming of 600 school children in the form and colors of a Confederate battle flag.  The children occupied a stand within the Lee Monument enclosure, and aroused the greatest enthusiasm by their singing "Dixie" and other Southern Airs". 

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  • Dixie Dawn Feb 16, 2008 @ 19:31

    Kevin had to come and jump in for you here, its a wonderfully interesting piece thank you for posting it. I’m sorry I’ve been Ill and having surgery and out of touch but am on the road to recovery, only one more hospital visit to go in March.

    Most Respectfully
    Dixie Dawn

  • Kevin Levin Feb 15, 2008 @ 11:16

    Border, — I hope this isn’t a sign of a little insecurity. Please don’t assume that I believe this has anything to do with race.

  • Border Feb 15, 2008 @ 8:26


    Can’t understand why this postcard has caught your interest.

    Have you taken up raccoon hunting?

    Or are you planning a human Confederate flag project for your students?

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