Another Incoherent Anti-Gallagher Rant

It looks like Gary Gallagher is coming to replace James McPherson as Dimitri’s number one whipping boy.  Does anyone out there have any idea at all what point Dimitri is trying to make?  I assume this is somehow supposed to be interpreted as a contribution to Civil War historiography.  Dimitri could at least include a link to this supposed discussion between Simpson and Gallagher.  Very strange indeed.

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  1. I had that exact same reaction. I just assumed I had jumped into the middle of a conversation/feud, so I scratched my head and moved on. Maybe you have to be privy to earlier info to understand the interpretation of the non-quoted quote.

  2. Sometimes Dmitri’s posts are thought-provoking…and sometimes they only remind me of Teddy Roosevelt’s oft-quoted “it is not the critic who counts” remark…although I’m sure he’s had that levelled at him before.

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