[Hat-Tip to Chris Wehner

My survey classes are right in the middle of a biography of Franklin Roosevelt.  I am sure they will get a kick out of this. 

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  1. Kevin,

    That’s a great one…even funnier was the Steve Martin skit on SNL for a game show called “Common Knowledge.” The questions were drafted by the staff at Encyclopedia Britannica…the answers by 17-yr old juniors in high school. It was a riot. You can probably find it on YouTube.

    Jim Schmidt

  2. Fortunately, I had time at the end of both of my survey course and we are about to make that transition from New Deal to foreign policy so the content was quite relevant. My students were in stitches.

  3. great post. much of that is all too true…

    i’m actually surprised i saw it here first, as i regularly read Chris’s blog. i’m glad i stumbled upon it. looking forward to your thoughts as your class returns from break.

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