Thanks for the Check Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Well, another year of teaching is quickly coming to a close and the wife and I are in the middle of planning our summer vacation.  I know how important education is to you and I always keep your words in mind whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or tired: “Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?”   The wife and I wanted to thank you for sending along our much awaited Economic Stimulus check for $1,200 which we plan to apply to our vacation expenses.  At first we hoped to travel to northern Europe including Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo and Bremen, but because of high gas prices and the weak dollar we had to scrap our plans.  I guess we all have to make sacrifices during these difficult times.  I recently heard on the news that after you ordered the invasion of Iraq you decided to give up golf as a gesture to the brave men and women who were fighting and dying overseas.  That must have been extremely difficult for you but I am sure that our military appreciates the gesture.

Instead we are planning another trip to Montreal for the Montreal Jazz Festival which begins in late June. We had a wonderful time in the city last summer.  Just in case you didn’t know Montreal is in Canada which is our neighbor to the north.  If you were to get into your truck and drive north for about 10 hours you can’t miss it.  Anyway, our hotel is booked in the old town section of the city and we were able to purchase some excellent concert tickets.  On Friday night we are going to see  the Saxophone Summit with Dave Liebman, Joe Lavano, and Ravi Coltrane followed by Brad Mehldau solo.  On Saturday we will see Brad Mehldau again, but this time with his trio and the Gonzalo Rubalcaba Quintet.  Finally, on Sunday we will see Hank Jones and Charlie Haden. This doesn’t include all of the free concerts that run on at least five different stages throughout the afternoon hours.

From Montreal we will drive to New York City for four days where we plan on checking out a bunch of museums and even an opera.  Back in 2001 you climbed up on some rubble in the downtown area and if memory serves me it was the last time that the country was rallied around you.  Those were good days Mr. President.  Don’t worry, in a few months you can get back to your golf game and pretend that the last eight years never happened.  Thanks again for the check and we will be sure to send you and Laura a postcard.

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