Scouts Do these young Boy Scouts know why these flags look different from all the other flags placed on the graves of soldiers on this Memorial Day? 

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  1. How could these young guys find the time to do this when they are suppossed to be mired in extreme homophobia? That’s what the leftists tell us anyway… ;^)

  2. Sorry John, but I am not quite sure what point you are making here.

  3. A reference to the flak the Scouts have caught over the last several years for their moral stances, rather than focus on all the good they do boys and their communities.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I am a former Scout, but I am disgusted by the organization’s position on gay troop leaders, just as I am with the U.S. military’s policies on such matters. It turns out that homosexuals are also patriotic and wish to “good” in their communities.

  5. Kevin:
    I have different feelings, esp. about letting homosexual leaders camp out with/influence young boys, but since this is getting your blog far off topic from the CW, I will respectfully refrain from causing it to do so!

  6. I understand John. At the same time I think there is something suspect about reducing someone’s humanity down to their sexual preference as if the simple fact of homosexuality should cause us any concerns whatsoever. I would love for someone to show me the statistics which demonstrate that the abuse of scouts is any more likely with a gay troop leader. Irrational fear and misunderstanding defines racism as it does with our society’s attitudes towards the homosexual community.

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