“Stonewall’s Bust”

No, I am not trying to insult some of you by suggesting that Stonewall Jackson was really a woman or, more exotically, transgendered.  It’s simply the title of playwright John Morogiello’s latest production, which will appear this summer in Pittsburgh.  The story is as follows:

Set in the South, the farce is about a man named Paul (Robert Rokicki) from New York who visits the family of his debutante girlfriend, Nancy
(Seana Hollingsworth), for the first time. Nancy’s mother owns a confederate heritage museum where Paul accidentally breaks a priceless
statue of Stonewall Jackson. What follows is a series of cover ups, larger lies, misunderstandings and an exorcism on live television. “There are other colorful characters. Others have secrets. There are a lot of mishaps between all the couples, as well,” says Hollingsworth. In the end, Paul must make a decision between the woman he loves and his personal safety.

That’s pretty funny.

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  • Strother Martin Jul 17, 2008

    I hear there is a scene where several Union reenactors appear with urine stained crotches. Seems the producers know their Civil War history, and the effect Stonewall had on Yankees.

  • Kevin Levin Jul 17, 2008

    Strother, — Sounds like this is a must see (LOL). Thanks

  • Brooks Simpson Jul 17, 2008

    “In the end, Paul must make a decision between the woman he loves and his personal safety.”

    Isn’t this always the case?

  • TF Smith Jul 18, 2008

    Depends if the woman one loves is the one threatening one’s personal safety, I’d think.

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