This is a slightly extended version of the video that was posted a few weeks back.  It is simply hilarious. 

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  1. Thanks Mannie. I’ve seen that one a couple of times. It’s almost as good as their foray into the Civil War.

  2. Its interesting Kevin how you find something like this that is demeaning historically to some and offensive to others funny. Kevin you are no better if not worse than those your criticize. If you do not care who you offend then why should anybody care if they offend you? Its a two way street Kevin.

  3. Mr. Lovejoy, — Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am sorry you find the video to be “demeaning historically” and “offensive.” Of course, you can exercise your right not to view offensive material by not logging onto certain websites. This holds for Civil War Memory as well.

    Please bear in mind that your last comment was deleted since it failed to add anything constructive to the post in question. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree with anything you find on this site. All I ask is that you do so respectfully if you hope to see the comment published. Good day.

  4. I too am offended. The yellow trim shows this should be a cavalry unit. It’s historically inaccurate. They should play it at the visitor’s center at Gettysburg.

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