“Rarely is the Question Asked, is Our Children Learning?”

I don't teach my Civil War sections today, but I've passed a number of my students in the hallways.  Just about all of them mentioned that Sarah Palin referenced "McClellan" as the commander in charge of American forces in Afghanistan in the debate last night.  I am so proud. 

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  • Chris Paysinger Oct 3, 2008

    I caught that too Kevin. I thought about it last night but I’m sure others here could weigh in with some interesting suggestions as to how the war against terrorism might be different if “Little Mac” were in charge. Glad your students watched the debate.


  • Michaela Oct 3, 2008

    Maybe it is because you teach at a school where students do not “pass” a course with a D… Of course, this is a sexist remark and I realize that.

  • Brooks Simpson Oct 3, 2008

    What would McClellan call the surge? A gentle push? A nudge?

  • Dan Oct 3, 2008

    I wonder if McClellan was ever on TV?

  • Scott Smart Oct 3, 2008

    Gen McClellan wanted a surge, of course, while Lincoln denied him the troops he wanted.

  • Craig Oct 6, 2008

    Did she call him a copperhead?

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