Tall Flag Poles as Compensation

[Hat-Tip to Robert Moore]

Looks like the SCV in the good state of Tennessee is pushing for zoning amendments that will have the potential to legitimize an 80-foot-tall flagpole which will support a Confederate flag measuring 20-by-30-foot.  According to the article some “have described the display as a ‘political agenda’ and a warning to motorists on Interstate 155 that they have entered the South – a country within a country.”

Let me suggest something a bit more Freudian.  Perhaps these guys are compensating for inadequacies or shortcomings in other departments – if you know what I mean.

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  • Larry Cebula Oct 20, 2008 @ 20:54

    I do not understand. Are you implying that their scholar vitae are a bit on the short side? Or that their historical understanding is soft, even flaccid? Or are you saying that their analysis does not measure up? Or are you implying that though their spirits are willing, their flesh is weak, historically speaking?

    This is way too subtle for me.

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