Scalawag of the Month

I am honored to accept this distinguished award from the good people at The First Freedom. Unfortunately, if it were not for one of my readers I would not have known about this honor. Let’s see, I would like to thank my mom, dad…

9 thoughts on “Scalawag of the Month

  1. Kevin Levin Post author

    Thanks Stephen. I thought about pressing this point, but than thought it would be futile to try to explain the difference to these people. Either way I am in pretty good company.

  2. Kevin Levin Post author

    James, — Click on the first link and scroll down just a bit and look on the right hand side. It should be there in bold letters.

  3. Greg Rowe

    Nice to see you being appreciated for all your hard work. Someone once said “You can tell a man by his enemies.” Or in this case, those that just don’t like you very much.


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