MadTV’s Lincoln

6 thoughts on “MadTV’s Lincoln

  1. Greg Rowe

    I’m not sure what to make of this except if this is the only crass capitalization of Lincoln’s Bicentennial we see this year, this is one too many and we’ll be damn lucky!

    1. Kevin Levin Post author

      C’mon Greg. I guess you need to be from New Jersey to appreciate this kind of humor. 🙂
      I think it’s fu–ing hilarious.

  2. Greg Rowe

    Well, it was humorous…I’ll give it that! “F*** Jefferson Davis! F*** the South!” I’m quite certain Lincoln probably felt that way on certain days, even if he never voiced it. More likely it was more along the lines of “F*** Lee! Why can’t I find an f***ing general that can beat his a**?”

  3. Bob Pollock

    I ‘m not from New Jersey and I really don’t see any humor here.
    In fact, I think it is pretty disgusting. But, we do live in a free country…


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