Conan O’Brien on Baseball and the Civil War

I found this over at David Woodbury’s site.  Apparently, it is Conan O’Brien’s favorite skit, and you can easily see why.  Enjoy!

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  • Chris Evans Feb 27, 2009

    Hilarious! I think Conan is actually a secret Lincoln and/or Civil War buff.
    Thanks for posting this,

  • Greg Rowe Feb 27, 2009

    Oh, to see A-Rod and Barry play baseball like this!

  • Sherree Tannen Feb 28, 2009

    Oh lol, Kevin. I don’t know who is more “twisted”–you or Conan O’Brien–and I do mean that as a compliment to both of you. Great skit.

  • John Wood Feb 28, 2009

    Does anyone know where to find the Civil War time travel episode of Conan O’ Brien-I think it was 1996. It was pretty good- O’Brien was dress like a Union Major General and Max Weinberg’s band in Confederate Uniforms-the Battle of Antietam fought outside on 42nd St.

    • Kevin Levin Feb 28, 2009

      Now that’s something I would like to see.

  • John Wood Feb 28, 2009

    It was pretty good- he reads a period letter that sounds like a Penthouse letter-I’ve looked for on the net but haven’t found it

  • Kevin Levin Feb 28, 2009


    If you do come across it at some point please let me know.

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