Diet Mountain Dew Abe Lincoln

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

“Levin’s study is the first of its kind to blueprint and then debunk the mythology of enslaved African Americans who allegedly served voluntarily in behalf of the Confederacy.”–Journal of Southern History

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  • micheal Jordan Apr 29, 2009 @ 9:06

    sooooooooooooooooooooo SWEET!

  • Dorothy Novick Apr 3, 2009 @ 15:28

    This commercial is a disgrace. Just what the world needs is more violence. What a way to influence young people. It appears your selling hurting people to buy your product

  • Mark Gallagher Mar 22, 2009 @ 9:04

    I watched the commercial at least a dozen times; laughed so hard everytime that 2-weeks later, a friend of mine asked me, “what were they selling?”. I laughed so much, I had no damn idea what the commercial was about. I actually had to watch it again to make myself not laugh so I could see what they were selling.

  • Crystal Marshall Mar 6, 2009 @ 9:02

    With all of the seriousness that often surrounds the study of Lincoln and the Civil War, it’s refreshing to have something fun like this every once in a while :0) I think that the real Abraham Lincoln, with his quiet sense of humor, would find this funny as well!

    • Kevin Levin Mar 6, 2009 @ 9:09


      I couldn’t agree more. What I like is that the commercial is consistent in their marketing to a demographic that embraces high octane sports and risk, and at the same time alludes to Lincoln’s love of wrestling and public displays of strength. Not bad at all.

  • Bob Pollock Mar 6, 2009 @ 7:33

    I guess I must be getting old, or maybe my sense of humor is just different, but I just don’t think this is funny. As I’ve said before, to each his own.

  • Robert Moore Mar 6, 2009 @ 5:48

    I saw this ad for the first time about a week ago and found it hilarious. It’s got to be one of the more entertaining Lincoln commercials to come out lately.

  • Kevin Levin Mar 6, 2009 @ 2:33


    You are probably right. I guess I was just trying to be optimistic. 🙂

  • Crystal Mar 5, 2009 @ 18:53

    You really don’t have to know much to enjoy this ad. Take myself, for instance. I tuned out in all of my American History classes and still find this hilarious. It’s Abe Lincoln posturing and being retarded like MTV stars… I guess the oddity of it is what makes it good.

  • Chris Meekins Mar 5, 2009 @ 14:06

    Gess that should be “Do the good people want a reply?”

    • Kevin Levin Mar 5, 2009 @ 14:39

      It’s a clever ad. Mountain Dew markets to a young generation which suggests that either they believe the Lincoln Bicentennial is making an impact or that their consumers know a bit about Lincoln and the 1850s.

  • Chris Meekins Mar 5, 2009 @ 14:04

    I could not wait for this one to get to YouTube. Its about the funniest commercial I have seen in a long while. No apologies for such fun things as a beard in 1858 – its just pure entertainment. And in that it succeeds very well. Makes me want to ask every crowd I happen upon, “Do the people want a response?” Funny as h – e – double toothpicks.

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