10 thoughts on ““We Always Saw Lincoln as the Great Emancipator”

  1. Huh?? Love your site, Kevin, but this one has me scratching my head…How was Justice Thomas’ comment “inappropriate”??

  2. I’ve only recently discovered your site and I caught the sarcasm behind “inappropriate.” But I agree, it’s difficult to make it clear in print.
    Justice Thomas praising Lincoln near Lee’s gravesite is great drama. If the Southern Heritage crowd starts howling, we’ll know that Thomas got it right.

  3. Maybe Lee would understand. They all ‘belong to the ages now’ anyway and have for a long time. I’ve always enjoyed respecting and studying Lincoln, Lee, Grant, Sherman, Davis and Jackson etc. with all their faults and frailties. I think together in history they make the American Civil War appealing to study.

  4. True story: I once saw Spike Lee give a talk in that chapel. When he came on the stage, he just stopped and stared at the sarcophagus for a full five minutes or so before beginning his talk.

  5. Yes, a black Supreme Court justice speaking to a respectful audience only a few feet away from the remains of the great Paladin of the Confederacy sends a shiver up your spine.

    I am quite surprised to have Thomas nominate Lincoln as his “favourite” President. Basically (and forgive me as I am quite vague on this) I thought Thomas was basically a strong fan of States’ Rights, almost a modern Calhoun in fact.

  6. That Clarence Thomas would call Lincoln his favorite president is not at all a surprise – he’s the most favorite of all presidents, isn’t Lincoln? What would be surprising is if Thomas has a clue about what Lincoln did as president.

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