Lincoln Sportin’ the Bling

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Lincoln Bling

7 thoughts on “Lincoln Sportin’ the Bling

  1. Robert Moore

    What’s this?! I know everyone wants to assume that there was some “connection” that makes him a natural Yankees fan, but I think he was more of a “hometown type of fellow” and went for the Cubbies!

  2. Kevin Levin Post author


    It is pretty hilarious. In reading Barry Schwartz’s new book on Lincoln and memory I am struck by the level of interest and even reverence that the Brits have expressed toward Lincoln, especially during the WWII. I may post a bit on this at some point soon.

  3. Ken Noe

    As we all remember from our history books, Abraham Lincoln bought a new outfit before he made the Cooper Union speech. And here it is.

    Robert, in Springfield, he probably would have been a Cardinals fan. Down state is Redbirds country.

  4. Kevin Levin Post author


    It’s ironic that given Lincoln’s position on colonization that the individual(s) who dressed Lincoln chose a unified Africa piece.

  5. Robert Moore

    As long as it is creative, conveys a meaning, non-damaging to the statue, and you take pictures for all of us to see… only then will we not tell, Larry! Of course, posting them on a blog might be a little self-incriminating. 🙂


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