I‘ve heard from a few people over the past few weeks that they are having trouble viewing Civil War Memory.  The problem seems to be with those of you who are running one of the older versions of Internet Explorer.  In some cases an error message is received and in the worst cases the loading time simply runs out.  It looks like one of the twenty WordPress plug-ins that I use could be causing the problem, so one way to deal with this would be for me to go through one by one to find the culprit.  I have neither the time nor the patience to carry out such a project.  Apparently, the easiest fix is for you to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.  Please do let me know if the problem persists after upgrading.  I would have been more proactive if the number of visits had significantly declined, but surprisingly, just the opposite happened and even after being away from the blog for two weeks.

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  1. The best fix is to stop using Internet Explorer altogether and move to Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer constantly fouled up my computer(s). I switched to Firefox maybe two years ago and have not had a problem since.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I would have suggested as much, but didn’t want to offend the few diehard IE users out there. 🙂

    • Richard,

      Why do you suspect sitemeter? I’ve been using it from the beginning and have never had a problem before.


  2. Sitemeter had some problems last year with IE7 but it was suppose to be fixed. I have IE8 and the page loads and then you get an error. Whats even more strange is you do not always get an the error, sometimes it works. If I can get it to do it again I will search for the error code.

  3. Whenever I try to load Civil War Memory a blue-haired lady from the local Confederate heritage group breaks into my house and beats me with a copy of _The South was Right_ until I redirect my browser to the Fox News site.

    Will switching to Firefox help?

  4. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this particular problem. 🙂

  5. Kevin,

    The reason that your hit numbers stay constant or even increase during the problem is because many of us can make brief contact and then are dumped with nothing but an error message to show for our effort. Can you check log-in time for each hit?

    Today I am reading this on a computer at work. This is the third computer that I’ve tried. The two that I use at home can no longer reach (and hold) onto your site. The problem has been constant for the past three weeks.

    • Tom,

      Sorry about that. Have you upgraded your computers to IE 8 – assuming that this is your web browser?

  6. Well what ever the problem was it is OK now at the House . It never was an Issue at work.

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