In Defense of Our Freedom?

Answers from left to right: No / Yes / Perhaps

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  • Jarret Sep 20, 2009

    If you need a gun to feel included in the political process, you have issues beyond politics that need to be addressed. I always thought one of the great things about the United States was that we didn’t need guns to change government. This is why the Civil War continues to be the most colossal failure of the American political process and why it must never be repeated in any form.

  • Mike Sep 21, 2009

    The answers are NO, YES and YES. Guns are a tool like any other you might find at your home. Used correctly they are safe, misused you can get hurt or killed. The 911 terrorist took over planes with box cutters.

  • TF Smith Sep 21, 2009

    Mike’s a parody, right?

  • toby Sep 21, 2009

    If the character in the middle photo is the one who turned up to an Obama rally carrying a gun with the sign, then I fail to see how he is defending “our freedom”. His act that has more of hysterical over-reaction to it than considered defence of liberty. What is the difference between him and the Black Panthers?

    Answers: No/No/??

  • Mike Sep 22, 2009

    To Mr. Smith #3

    No I am not a Parody, but an Pro 2nd Amendment Orginal. :>)

  • Name Oct 7, 2009


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