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  1. That yell makes a Southern boy's blood pressure raise and his heart beat gets faster. Glorious!

  2. Well, that's 3:15 I will never get back. It is interesting to note that if you follow the link under the “more info” link at the side of the video on YouTube…


    In the box labeled “sounds like” you will agree that the singer does sound like Hank Williams Jr., 38 Special…maybe, Johnny Cash…it's possible…but here's the kicker….Def Lepard??????? Maybe they sport some really great retro mullets!!!!

    You can also sample some more of their music on the site like “My Dixie”, “Never Surrender” and “Southern Belle”. Quality stuff here!

  3. I thought I'd heard every style of music imaginable. Now, I can add “Confederate screamo” to the list.

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