Many of you know that I am a huge fan of David Blight’s scholarship.  Race and Reunion was the book that set me off on my own research projects as well as in shaping the overall theme of this site.  Since reading it I’ve come to question parts of Blight’s thesis as a result of studying the work of others and as a result of my own research on the memory of the battle of the Crater.  This recent interview touches on a number of issues related to Civil War memory that are relevant to the ongoing debate about Confederate History Month as well as broader questions of remembrance.  After yesterday’s post I thought it might be nice to introduce a little thoughtfulness to the discussion.

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  1. David Blight makes more sense than all the other speakers I’ve heard or read combined (present company excluded). From this interview, I get the impression that it was done for Australian audiences…maybe I’m wrong. It just struck me that there is waaay too little such information as Blight delivers that finds its way to American audiences.

    Bill Moyers is the only real journalist that gives us anything this good. John Stewart and Steven Colbert will occasionally allow a bright light to shine in on the public discussion of issues, but the message often gets lost in their NEED to have too much fun with it.

    I could listen to Blight every day.

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