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2 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert’s Lost Cause

  1. Robert Welch

    While I greatly appreciate the levity that Colbert and Stewart bring to this recent turn of events, one thing that I’ve been wondering since this began is that in light of the Tea Party Movement, current Republican “just say no”-ism, and the seemingly increasing divide we have politically, how will the coming sesquicentennial cycle be used politically. With the uproar over ‘states rights’, the Texas secession threat, and Oklahoma considering, albeit probably not seriously, the idea of raising a separate armed militia to protect itself from the onslaught of Federal law, I can’t help but worry that we’re facing five years of the misappropriation of history in the name of the South had it right.

    1. Kevin Levin Post author


      It’s a good question and one that I can’t really answer at this point. Of course, it stands to reason that there will be a certain amount of manipulation of Civil War history for political purposes throughout the sesquicentennial. It’s inevitable. What I care about is how the state committees handle these pressures. At least here in Virginia I am extremely confident that the committee will continue to maintain its focus on organizing events that are entertaining and educational. Major institutions throughout the state such as the Virginia Historical Society, Museum of Confederacy, Library of Virginia, and National Civil War Center at Tredegar are leading the charge in this regard.


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