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  1. That’s Branson, Missouri! I lived in Branson from 2003-2008. I used to joke with my wife that some night I was going to put up a big sign in front of this place that said “UNION FOREVER!” I was working briefly at the Titanic Museum down the street when a young girl came in wearing one of their t-shirts that had a Confederate battleflag and the inscription “If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson.” I wondered what “history lesson” that might be.

  2. I wonder if they would accept some ideas for expanding their broad selection of logos and designs depicting items of interest to Southern Heritage… got some great ideas for some Southern Unionists images 🙂

    • Hell yeah. I can think of a number of Virginia unionists who are just as bad ass as Lee, Jackson, and Stuart.

      • Well, that does it then! I’m inspired and am looking into having a special edition Southern Unionists t-shirt designed… in traditional Union navy blue… I’ll keep you posted.

        • Robert, this is your second t-shirt order. May I suggest James Petigru as a subject?

          • Oh gosh! Thanks, Margaret. There are so many great Southern Unionists that can be portrayed, but I think I have to limit it to four of them on the initial shirt (lest we turn the shirts into gaudy portrayals as we see in other shirts… wink, wink). I’m even thinking of just focusing on Virginia’s Unionists in the first shirt… and then Alabama, and so on, and so on… if there is an interest in expanding into a few more shirts. It would make for an interesting collection to have a shirt for each Southern state… most definitely if one attends a reenactment or Civil War Round Table event while wearing them. 🙂

            • Robert, Don’t forget Kentucky and Cassius Marcellus Clay! Maybe we could do a set of playing cards as well with Elizabeth Van Lew (Crazy Bet) as the Queen of Hearts

              • While the playing cards are a bit out of my league in ability to design, it would be fun to see who would be represented on each card.

                Yes, the Kentucky Southern Unionists would be an interesting shirt… especially with Lincoln’s face on it 😉 You already have me thinking about a Maryland shirt as well.

              • Robert-Would you consider East Tennessee as a separate category or as part of an overall Tennessee series? I’d think Parson Brownlow would be an obvious choice.

        • Robert, sign me up for a shirt!

          Kevin, my encounter in this store during Spring Break 2009 and visiting with the clerk and a few other customers was probably the most intellectually frustrating ten minutes of my life! I didn’t meet these nice folks, just some belligerent ol’ guy who complained that history teachers get it all wrong. It got real quiet and I left soon after revealing I was a “goddamned public school history teacher, spouting revisionist propaganda.” At least that was the clerk’s opinion of my profession and seemed to be the general consensus of others in the store.

          • Greg,

            Nice to hear from you. Well, at least we are not pedaling crap and reducing a rich regional history down to idiotic slogans. 😀

  3. So, is the confederate flag a revered symbol of southern bravery and heritage or is it a cheap marketing tool?

    And don’t they know that the Duke’s Gen. Lee never had doors that opened? Geesh!

  4. The doors didn’t open because they were welded shut ala NASCAR . I loved watching the Dukes of Hazzard.

  5. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of a place where I could purchase my very own Boss Hogg T-Shirt…

    • I hope they’re right next to the “Cooter for Congress” apparel section.

      • Generally true, NTS, but… I do need to point out that this picture is evidence of a discourteous driver… the car is double-parked 🙂

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