Here’s a nice little Lost Cause tune for ya’ all.  I especially love the following lyric from the beginning of the song: “It’s not founded on old politics or race or slavery.  Those who see no more than that care not for history.”  For some reason poor old Braxton Bragg gets the back of the hand in this tune. Enjoy.

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  1. Based on this video, it looks like Longstreet might have redeemed himself in the eyes of the Lost Causers….And not more than a couple of verses later, his detractor, Early is mentioned too. What do we make of that?

    • Good ol’ Rebel Rap

      “I don’t mean to Bragg, I don’t mean to kibitz / But I’m a Lost Cause sucka like gravy on grits.
      My home boyz in gray, they kick it like Tyson / Ain’t Buffalo Solders, we’re coming back like bison.
      Me and Bobby Lee, we’re bad to the bone / Got rebel flag mud flaps, and a Dixie ring tone.
      Who says history belongs to the winners? / Don’t mention slavery, who among us ain’t sinners?
      The Greeks had slaves, and democracy / And the trains ran on time for Mussolini.
      So all you haters don’t know what the facts is. / All I need to know is don’t mess with Texas!”

      • That’s pretty damn good. You need to set that to music.

        • I’ve always been something of a librettist, Kevin. Maybe when I’m down your way you can bust out your bass and I’ll bust some more rhymes. It would be much better, though, if we could get some of the guys in your video to back us up. More authentic.

  2. Kevin-Where do you FIND these things?!?!?! I agree with you about the blithe dismissal at the beginning, ” “It’s not founded on old politics or race or slavery. Those who see no more than that care not for history.” That’s up there with the ultimate sick one-liner, “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

  3. Is it any wonder that African Americans are offended by the “Stars and Bars”? We dream of one last victory? We love our southern flag? I am not African American, and I found this video horribly offensive. Just the take of a non historian who is a history enthusiast.

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