Who Is Reverend Herman White?

Yesterday I briefly touched on a story out of Valdese, North Carolina involving Reverend Herman White, who was asked to address a group of students as part of the area’s Founders Day Festival.  Rev. White shared his own version of the region’s history that included stories of loyal and happy slaves and other scenes out of his Lost Cause playbook.  The most disturbing aspect of this story is that the entire situation was easily avoidable.  A number of people associated with the school administration claimed that they could not know what Mr. White would touch on in his remarks.

Unfortunately, even a basic online search would have raised any number of red flags.  This is the same Rev. White who was responsible for the course at Randolph Community College back in 1998 in which he spewed his racist nonsense of happy slaves and tens of thousands of loyal black Confederate soldiers.  Clearly, this man doesn’t belong anywhere near students in a learning environment.  I blame the school officials for not taking the proper steps to do even a simple background check on Rev. White.

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  • Andy Hall Jun 4, 2010

    Here’s another nice gem from Rev. White, from 2003. Bonus points that this text is described as a “sermon:”

    We hear much across this country about multiculturalism, diversity, and celebrating one’s heritage and culture—but all this goes out the window if you are a genuine Christian, and a black or white person that desires to celebrate their Confederate Southern American heritage and culture. These haters of the true Southerners, these carpetbaggers, scalawags, (esp. cowardly politicians, news media, academics, and so-called historians), et al, that join in with the new naacp to claim that the symbols of our Confederate heritage are racist, divisive, and offensive. The only divisiveness is from these radical left-wing socialists. And as to their being offended—SO WHAT? I am offended by their hate filled spewings against our Confederate heritage, and the symbols of that heritage. I am offended by their outrageous ignorance about why the war was fought. I am offended by their refusal to have a factual reasonable discussion about it. But then we need to remember that the Constitution does not protect us or them from being offended.

    These same radical left-wing socialists, that rise to the level of fanaticism over any thing Confederate, will support all kinds of outrageous conduct that other groups may claim to be a part of their heritage and culture. These so-called enlightened elitists will vehemently support the murder of innocent unborn babies, and protest the execution of vicious murderers. They promote and celebrate sexual perversion, rap music that promotes the rape and abuse of women, illegal drugs, the murder of policemen, the wearing of awful clothing and symbols that promote violent gangs, etc.

    And that was before we had a Black president.

    • Andy Hall Jun 4, 2010

      Oh, and double-plus unreconstructed rebel points for writing “NAACP” in all-lower-case letters.

    • Kevin Levin Jun 4, 2010

      These are the same whackos who argued during the civil rights movement that opposition to Jim Crow was a communist conspiracy. I hope there is indeed a heaven and that God has the power to place Mr. White on a plantation as a slave. Then he will get to see how enjoyable slavery really was.

  • Robert Moore Jun 4, 2010

    Pathetic. Worse yet, he isn’t the only rev. singing the same song and with membership ties to the SCV.

  • Corey Meyer Jun 4, 2010


    Is this the same man in the Weary Clyburn video at :35 that also includes your good buddy Earl Ijames?

    • Kevin Levin Jun 5, 2010

      There does seem to be a resemblance, but I can’t be sure.

    • Andy Hall Jun 5, 2010

      The resemblance is definitely sufficient for a probable cause warrant.

  • Corey Meyer Jun 4, 2010

    You have been found out…


    • Kevin Levin Jun 5, 2010


      Thanks for the link. The guy is harmless.

  • Johnny Reb Jun 5, 2010

    I’d say the good reverend hits the nail on the head. Historical accuracy isn’t always politically correct. I’d rather being hated for being correct then liked for being(wilfully)ignorant ie: liberals. This coming from a yankee whose ancestors fought on the wrong side during the War of Northern Aggression.

    • Kevin Levin Jun 5, 2010

      Mr. Reb,

      I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who agree with you. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Bill Vallante Jun 5, 2010

    What’s the matter? Afraid that students will hear a point of view that is different from your own? Your discomfort comes through loud and clear in your post and it pleases me to no end. LOL!!!

    • Kevin Levin Jun 5, 2010

      Hi Bill,

      Nice to hear from you.

  • Nat Turners Son Jun 6, 2010

    What a disgrace to the Ministry! I know some ” Pro-South” Preachers but none of them would have spewed out such garbage to School Children.

  • Dixie_Forever Jun 7, 2010

    Rev White is an honourable man! God bless him and save the South, I mean Dixie! Deo Vindice

  • Rblee22468 Sep 14, 2015

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