If You Have a Problem With It, Eat It!

It’s hard to believe that this ridiculous story about a Confederate flag cake is still in the news.  There are legitimate issues having to do with the public display of the Confederate flag, but this is not one of them.   It looks like Winn Dixie has taken a slight financial hit as a result.  Actually, I have no idea whether there is a correlation.  The company pulled the cake after receiving a complaint and issued a public statement that this was an “error in judgment.”

If someone had a problem with the cake what they should have done was purchase it and eat it.  In fact, interested parties could have wrapped the purchasing, eating, and digesting of the cake around all kinds of symbolism.  Oh well, another wasted opportunity.  Move on folks, there is nothing to see here.

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  1. Like you, I don’t care what other people put on their cakes, and I wouldn’t want everyone to know what’s been on mine. I do have one piece of advice for my Southern brethren — If you want the South to rise again, take a smaller piece of a better cake.

  2. Oh my lawd! What in the world is this world coming too! Winn Dixie should have asked the complaint Is anyone forcing you to look at it or buy it?????? If not then stop you jr high whinning and grow up. Next thing you know one of us will run across a news story about someone hollaring about a book store selling CW history books just because the Battle Flag is on the cover. Another great example of PC run a muck!

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