Museum officials announced a groundbreaking date of Sept. 23 for the construction of its new facility at Appomattox, which is slated to open in 2012.  This is wonderful news given the museum’s recent financial difficulties owing, in part, to its location in Richmond within the growing sprawl of the VCU Hospital.  Now residents from around the state and country will have even more of an opportunity to view one of the most important collections of Confederate/Civil War-related artifacts as well as a wide range of exhibits and educational activities.  I am looking forward to taking my classes to the new museum.

My only question is whether the museum gift shop will include the black Confederate soldier.

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  1. Story doesn’t say, but I presume they’ll tuck the building away somewhere that doesn’t spoil the ambience of the place? I like their web site. I only wish they’d put more exhibits online.

  2. It’s impressive to see that the MOC is expanding in a period in which so many places are contracting. I’m glad plans to move the White House elsewhere have not been carried out. Richmond needs that historic site. And I hope the new museum in Appomattox will provide employment opportunities for Civil War historians.

  3. That is great news; a few years ago it looked like the MOC would be closing.

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