A Fictional Depiction That Includes True Facts

A Fictional Depiction That Includes True Facts post image

Why settle for one fictional account of a black Confederate soldier when you can have two?  The latest offering comes from Robert Broome, Jr. who recently self-published his book, My Confederate Cousin.  Here is the jacket description:

My cousin, Basil Dawson, was a black Confederate soldier born in Poolesville, Maryland. As a soldier in the Confederate States Army, Basil killed Federal soldiers alongside his white father and half brother, who also fought for the CSA. Following the war, Basil returned home to relatives who were unhappy with him because he had fought for the South. Even today, the family remains divided because Basil served with the Confederacy.

Perhaps the author will be kind enough to send me a review copy. 🙂

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  • I am assuming the true facts are that he was black….and from Maryland.

    • And that if he did accompany a white biological father & half-sibling to war, he did so as their slave/body servant.

      • Basil Dawson: Yankee Hunter?

  • Well, there has always been room for alternative history – or that crazy
    relative peddling his magnum opus at the barber shop.
    I have a feeling that the “author” is pictured on the cover.


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