Reaffirming My ProSouthern Sympathies

It’s not easy having to face the constant taunting and hate-filled messages, which suggest that I am somehow “anti-Southern” or out to attack Southern history and culture. 🙂 Even after moving to the beautiful city of Boston much of what I love to read about relates to the rich history of the American South.  Right now I am in the middle of Adam Arenson’s new study of St. Louis, The Great Heart of the Republic: St. Louis and the Cultural Civil War (Harvard University Press, 2011).

So, just in case you doubt my commitment I am displaying the following banner for the remainder of the day.  I am confident that I am following the rules governing its display:

Permission is not granted to use these badges on blogs or websites that would bring dishonor to the South, or to Southerners and their history, heritage and culture, or to use them in any other dishonorable manner.

Of course, I know my regular readers have not lost faith that I’ve lost my way, but I guess this has created some amount of self-doubt.


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  • Harry Aug 24, 2011

    Ahs needs ta git ma wanna dem air tangs. Wahr’d ya git yourn? Dat’s sa-WEEET!

  • Robert Moore Aug 24, 2011

    Too funny

  • Corey Meyer Aug 24, 2011

    I would post a comment about how the southland is going to rise again, but according to Prof. Simpson….It has been postponed…

    • Kevin Levin Aug 24, 2011

      I would argue that the South has risen multiple times over the years and in ways that benefit all Americans.

      • Corey Meyer Aug 25, 2011

        Very true, but I would bet their definition of rising and yours will be very far from the same.

  • Brooks D. Simpson Aug 24, 2011

    I knew it.

    • Kevin Levin Aug 24, 2011

      Hell, earlier today I even renewed my membership in the Southern Historical Association.

  • Gregg Jones Aug 24, 2011

    Thank you, I just need to read this.

  • Donald Shaffer Aug 24, 2011

    This would make perfect sense if it was April 1.

  • Ken Noe Aug 24, 2011

    Shouldn’t “dishonor” be spelled with that anachronistic “u” that real antebellum southerners only used sporadically? Your southron-ness is still suspect until you spell like a Brit.

    • Kevin Levin Aug 24, 2011


      I am reaffirming my superficial southern identity. 🙂

      • Ray O'Hara Aug 24, 2011

        You’re in —– now, you must reject all but New England,
        hey, would you like a kitten, a cute cuddly little kitty,
        we have two males and a female, 6 weeks old, perfect time to go home with someone.
        and when you go jogging around Jamaica Pond when you leave drive up to the top of Larz Anderson Park and get the best view of Boston. it’s just minutes away from the pond.
        Millenium Park just off the J-way {jamaica way} turn at the chinese restaurant gives a great view too.

        and you might notice the puddingstone that pokes up everywhere, that is the Roxbury Puddingstone that Boston sits on, the 20th Mass monument was cut from it.

    • London John Aug 25, 2011

      Doesn’t “the greying (sic) if Civil War Memory qualify?

  • Woodrowfan Aug 25, 2011

    I notice that the “Southern” logo does not match the boundaries of the Confederacy, but it does match what was slave territory in 1860 (plus Oklahoma). So they’re saying slavery is more important in identifying “The South” than the Confederacy?

    • Kevin Levin Aug 25, 2011

      It’s a subtle reminder that the history of the South is the history of the Confederacy or the logo was designed by a complete idiot.

      • Boyd Harris Aug 25, 2011

        Hell, that map includes Delaware! The person who designed it was brilliant.

  • Michael C. Lucas Aug 25, 2011

    Well at least you admit to being Superficial!

    • Kevin Levin Aug 25, 2011


  • John Buchanan Aug 26, 2011


    Didn’t you and your family settle on teh South side of Boston? That would make you a Southerner (as opposed to a Southie)!

    And to someone from Baja Quebec (AKA upper Vermont and Western Maine) you live right near Charelston anyway!

    Its all perspective.


    • Kevin Levin Aug 26, 2011

      Hey, I grew up in South Jersey so I feel pretty comfortable about my southern roots. 🙂

  • Jim Schmidt Aug 30, 2011

    Kevin – I don;t think this is too far off topic…Got my Sept 2011 issue of Civil War News yesterday…the “Books Received” section shows that Pelican Publishing and Walter Kennedy have a new book out…”Lincoln’s Marxists”…sheesh

    • Kevin Levin Aug 30, 2011

      Now that is the perfect marriage. 🙂 That’s almost as good as one of their other titles: Lincoln Uber Alles.

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