Once again, it is my job to bring to your attention various interpretations of the past that reflect how Americans have remembered the Civil War.  They take many forms and, yes, some are truly bizarre.  Consider the following documentary. Stonewall creates a revisionist / historical parallel between Civil War hero Thomas Stonewall Jackson and the monumental Stonewall riots of New York City. It repositions him as a proud leader in the fight for gay civil rights.

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  1. Are you sure this isn’t a parody? The guy in the gray buttondown can barely keep a straight face. Or maybe it’s gas.

    Just saw the “granite box” segment at 7:45ish. Totally a parody. And a great one at that! The female professor is spot on!


  2. For the first couple of minutes I thought this was serious, but especially after the tombstone honoring, uh, Jackson’s “appendage” I realized that this had to be Little Sorrel -droppings. Or at least I hope it is.


  3. His name was Thomas Jonathan Jackson. He hated nicknames, including this one. Gay and Lesbian folks did not face as much hatred in 1861 as they did in 1961. Beyond that, this seems to be a total waste of time. What does it matter? Might as well try to prove that Ulysses Grant drank, or didn’t.

  4. I’ve refrained from making the Stonewall comparisons in the past.

    D.S.Freeman thought Bee was calling Jackson a blockhead for sitting by while his and Bartow’s brigade’s got hammered.
    as Bee was soon killed what he exactly meant was never fully determined.

  5. There’s no way Stonewall Jackson was gay… he was too unkempt and poorly dressed. Now JEB Stuart on other hand… him and his feathers, and those spurs.

  6. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld: Stonewall was not gay.–not that were would be anything wrong with it.

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