The other day my friends at Facebook’s SHPG page got all worked up about a stupid video that I posted on Thursday.  Apparently, the members of this group have completely lost their ability to laugh in their zeal to stamp out the enemy that they see all around them.  Funny that they never speak out when I post videos about Abraham Lincoln that others have found problematic.  Oh well.  Lucas looks like he is right out of high school and I suspect he has little in common with the political and cultural baggage that the majority of these members carry around with them.  I anticipate that he won’t last long in this group.  Either Lucas will leave on his own or he will be forced out.  Good luck, dude.

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  1. I love the comment you included. The quote from Lee is a good one in that context

  2. It was a cute video and if they were in Blue Ms Chastain would have it posted all over her facebook page and every other site she has access to.

    Her type is notable for a lack of a sense of humor unless it involves laughing at their “enemies”

    As for “being anti-Southern” anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the Lost Cause Mythology in its entirety is anti-Southern in their eyes as they define the South as the Confederacy and only the Confederacy.

    A good example was the link Brooks posted on his blog featuring Kirk Lyon’s on hoe to fill out the US Census form, he said to fill it out as “Confederate American and not Southern America which I found quite telling in how they view things.

  3. Wow, Kevin. I just finished reading the ranting and frothing in the comment thread over there. I feel, vaguely, that I need to go wash. 😉 That humorless crowd has some *major* baggage! And I guess you’re pretty much the devil, incarnate, who can “. . .deliver anti-Southern attacks with reptilian deliberation.” Simply amazing.

    I’m always disturbed when it’s obvious that attackers have either not read or heard what an individual has said, OR have read and heard, but filtered and twisted someone’s words into something that bears no resemblance to the original utterance. That latter scenario is the truly scary one for someone like me for whom accurate communication is important. I have to wonder whether they really are incapable of understanding what a person says or whether their “ignorance” is simply a cynical ploy.

  4. Setting aside the mutual admiration/feeding frenzy that the SHPG and you enjoy, it is evident to me that some people do define southern heritage as Confederate heritage, and that they just keep on fighting the war behind their keyboards. I don’t mind bringing forward the arguments presented to examine them, but I have no use for the personalities, although they make for a hilarious reality show.

    As least CC has returned to stalk the man of her dreams … or might that be nightmares? … you. Maybe she needs new blog material.

    • I completely agree. A little entertainment now and again is not so bad.

      I just like the idea of a kid stating the obvious.

      • “I just like the idea of a kid stating the obvious.”

        Out of the mouths of babes as it were. Those folks are so jaded in their self-righteous indignation that they miss the obvious.

    • from the first time I heard of the SHPG group I have been unable to find it.
      I search FB on Southern History Preservation Group, and Southern Historical Preservation Group, just the initials SHPG and nothing comes up. I have two FB accounts, and neither can find it ,both are under my name with different mail addresses, hotmail and yahoo.
      I can’t imagine I’m blocked as I find it inconceivable they’ve ever heard of me or even care about me if they by some odd chance they had.

      a web search doesn’t find it either. so can someone post a link? morbid curiosity has been gnawing at me to see what you guys are talking about.

  5. Thought you might like to see this Kevin. I told her to reply and you would approve but apparently everyone thinks you practice censorship of debate.


    Please understand that apart from a few exceptions I have no patience for Ms. Chastain’s comments. I did see her comment and chose to delete it rather than subject my readers to her vicious outbursts and incoherent ramblings.

    Please understand that I try to approve as many comments as possible, but I will not tolerate individuals who consistently turn everything I write into a personal attack and then respond with their own insults. If that is censorship then so be it.


    • Understandable. Though I disagree with the position of subjection I am aware of the “personal attacks” and “insults” as she has been doing it to me consistently for the past two hours.

      Ultimately, your blog, your rules. Keep fighting the good fight.

      • Just for the record, I don’t consider this to be a “fight.” My blog is part of a broader online community and I enjoy offering brief posts about Civil War memory that can be found in other corners. I am often critical, but I do not engage in the kind of vicious personal attacks that can be found on a regular basis on that particular site. There is little to recommend what goes on over. Why you have chosen to engage them is beyond me, but each to his own. Good luck.

        • I was using fight in general terms, not an actual physical altercation as a fight would have the necessary competition factor which I do not consider this to be. But to answer the why, curiosity of their direct arguments mixed with a little Sunday boredom.

    • Actually, what I found amusing is that a thread which complained about censorship ultimately disappeared when the owners of the group found that a few folks were hitting too close to home.

      BTW, I find perfectly understandable Ann DeWitt’s decision not to post under her own name given the quality of her scholarship. After all, Connie Ward/Chastain/Reb/whatever has problems sticking to one name as well. Someone suggested she wanted to add Levin as a last name, but Kevin’s happily married, so that will remain an unrequited crush.

  6. Just a thought: if there truly were up to 100,000 Black Confederate soldiers, wouldn’t Lee have wasted them in the same way as the white troops depicted here?

  7. Recently the SHPG has sent a few infiltrators over to the ‘Yankee Heritage’ FB group I belong to (not a ‘Northern Heritage’ group, per se, but one celebrating our ancestors who fought for the Union – as you know, I’m Southern born-and-bred).

    Apparently they see the very existence of a group that disagrees with their pro-Confederate stance as a threat and are now trying to undermine us. I’ve told them politely, but firmly, that their lies and ‘debates’ are not welcome.

    There is something seriously wrong with these people.

    • I think they would say the same thing about people who enter their group with contrary views. Isn’t that the price you pay for using Facebook as a forum? There are plenty of other platforms the could be utilized that allow for stricter control of membership.

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