Let’s get things started: Nothin’ more relaxin’ than throw’n back a cool one after a long day of killin’ Yankees.

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  1. Bud, Coors, Miller…nothing but “Dutch” Yankee beer at the Confederate Bar and Cafe. Of course it is in North Dakota, so getting a case of Abita or Dixie is probably not easy.

  2. Well as you can’t say “no Negroes welcom” directly a huge CBF will have do to get the point across

  3. Interpret, I do not need to interpret. Its a nice way of saying “whites only.”

      • When I drove across North Dakota years ago, I saw a car covered with neo-Confederate stickers – the “Heritage Not Hate” type.

        • Would you believe that I saw a Confederate Bumper Sticker in England? I got the chance to speak to him. Transplanted Confederate. Poor Guy.

          • Of course I believe it – did you think we didn’t have rednecks here? And Brits who display the CBF know exactly what they mean by it – no double-talk about “heritage” – just plain racism.

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