JFK Presents Irish Brigade Flag to People of Ireland

The ceremony took place during the president’s visit to Ireland in June 1963.

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  • Brooks Simpson Jan 18, 2012

    -1 for incorrect month.

    • James F. Epperson Jan 18, 2012

      No, he said September, not December.

      • Jeffry Burden Jan 19, 2012

        He referred the battle fought on September 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, Maryland. Whoops…

        • Brooks D. Simpson Jan 19, 2012

          This shows Epperson’s a liberal who will never admit any Kennedy made a mistake.

          • Kevin Levin Jan 19, 2012

            He always has a home here in Boston. 🙂

  • Pat Young Jan 18, 2012

    I wonder how many of the Irish Brigade thought that there would be an Irish Catholic president a century after they fought.

    • Will Hickox Jan 19, 2012

      Some of them were still alive to see Al Smith come close in 1928.

  • James Harrigan Jan 19, 2012

    I cherish the photos I have with my family from the Irish Brigade monuments at Antietam (Bloody Lane) and Gettysburg (The Wheatfield). I’d rather not think about Fredericksburg…

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