Speaking in Boston Tomorrow Night

Just wanted to post a quick note for those of you in the Boston area that tomorrow night I will be speaking at the Olde Colony Civil War Round Table in Dedham.  The program will take place at the Endicott Estate at 7:30pm.  My talk will focus on the demobilization of the Army of Northern Virginia and is based on an essay that I wrote for William Davis’s and James I. Robertson’s edited collection, Virginia at War, 1865 (University Press of Kentucky, 2011).  I hope some of you will be able to attend and please introduce yourself.

I am hoping to support the publication of my book this summer with as many speaking engagements as possible.  My calendar is beginning to fill up, so please contact me if you would like to schedule a talk.

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  • Ray O'Hara Jan 18, 2012

    Damn!, While I live within easy walking distance, .66 of a mile, of the Estate I’m busy tonight.

    • Kevin Levin Jan 18, 2012

      Sorry to hear that, Ray. I will be speaking there again in May about the Crater.

      • Ray O'Hara Jan 18, 2012

        When you are there tonight, think about the tidbit that this isn’t even the nicer of the two Endicott Estates, the other one in Upper Dedham owned by MIT is much nicer and it has a great landscaped area around it. Stephan Minot Weld personally laid them out. He also got the Arnold Arboretum built and did a lot of the landscaping there, He was a Civil War officer who became very rich in the textile business, landscaping was just a hobby.He was also very involved in getting Harvard’s Memorial Hall built.

        • Kevin Levin Jan 18, 2012

          Thanks for the info. Ray, but keep in mind that the talk is tomorrow night.

          • Ray O'Hara Jan 19, 2012

            okay, I guess I’ll try to make it.

            • Kevin Levin Jan 19, 2012

              What is the alternative, the Republican debate? 🙂

              • Ray O'Hara Jan 19, 2012

                The Bruins game, but there are plenty of those left
                so I can miss an occasional one. 😉
                I find I can’t watch those “debates” .

  • Ray O'Hara Jan 19, 2012

    I was able to attend Kevin’s talk tonight. It was but a 10 minute walk and at 30 degrees not cold enough to drive.

    The venue the Endicott Estate is a lovely old mansion belonging to the Town of Dedham
    The attendence was good, around 50 people,, mostly members of the Olde Colony Round Civil War Table. and a thing I found rather disappointing was the age of the audience
    I was by my recokoning the 3rd youngest person there, I’m 56. Kevin and a women who might or might not have been Mrs Levin were younger, everybody else appeared North of 60 .

    The talk itself was very interesting, the little discussed subject of what happened to the ANV soldiers in the aftermath of Appomattox. A subject I must admit I never paid much heed other than figuring the Wild West was made so by PTSD.

    Kevin was a very natura,. glib and enjoyable speaker. He has a future as a lecturer as he held everybodies interest eliciting chuckles from the assemble group at times and holding everyone’s attention throughout After his talkj he took questions I asked one but I waited until the members of the group seemed to have exhausted theirs.. I rather enjoyed it and found Kevin to be quite personable and a true gentleman, He recognized me from my FB picture and he came over and introduced himself when I arrived.
    All in all I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

    Thank you Kevin for a good and informative time.

    • Kevin Levin Jan 19, 2012

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for coming out. I had a great time and it was a real pleasure meeting you. It’s a great group of people and I look forward to coming back in May to talk about the Crater.

      • Ray O'Hara Jan 19, 2012

        I look forward to that too , as long as it’s not the same night as Walter Trout at the Bull Run Restaurant

        MOBA the Museum of Bad Art, in in the Community Theater in Dedham Sq and Ron’s Ice Cream is directly across the street. Ron’s is rated Best in America by the Travel Channel and 3rd best in the World by Nat Geo Magazine. well worth checking both out on your next trip to the suburbs
        It was nice to only have to drive ten minutes to give a lecture wasn’t it.

        when I got home I found a jolly joker of a friend, signed me up for a Lost Cause FB page 180 Degreed South. I’ll probably be banned soon enough, John T Hall and a Connie Chastain seem to be administrators Of course I had to mention I was at a lecture given by you. they seemed to have heard of you and Simpson too 😉

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