I am not going to address any legal questions surrounding this little standoff.  While I do believe it was the intention of this “flagger” to confront the security guard, what he unintentionally did was give the rest of us a front row seat to many layers of irony.

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  1. I guess I’ve seen too many online videos on this subject, but…

    What’s going on where so many people down South keep walking around in down public streets carrying Confederate flags? Is that what people do down there?

  2. I think sometimes folks hide behind the 1st Amendment definition of peaceful assembly as they intentionally make an effort to provoke or antagonize. The fact that it appears the flagger was “wired for sound” says a great deal. What we expecting to catch on tape? The security guard being rude? The security guard saying something inflammatory about the flag? What I find especially interesting is that apparently the flagger thinks he is owed some sort of explanation of the state policy. That is not the guard’s responsibility. His job is simply to enforce the policy. Period.

    • It’s all about being victims. This same person posted a video clip titled, “Black woman attacked for carrying Confederate Flag.” The “attack” consists of a passerby disagreeing with them, and trying to make specific points that challenge their views, based on her own family’s history. As far as I can tell, the “attacker” never raises her voice, uses profanity, calls anyone names, gets up in anyone’s face, or is anything other than completely civil, when interacting with (four? five?) other “flaggers.” Yet, she’s the one “attacking” them.

      • Especially amusing is how I hear about the need for “education” from folks like those holding the flags. Listen around 2:08 and repeated again around 2:15 as the one fellow says Lee freed his slaves in 1851. What a joke.

      • It’s part of their concerted efforts toward a culture of victimhood. From what I’ve seen it dates back to immediately after they lost the war caused by their temper tantrum. It plays well with people of like mind because otherwise they’ve got nothin’. Proclaiming yourself a victim helps to obscure the fact that you’re being a ****hole. I’ve come to realize that there are people who respectfully honor what they perceive as the heritage of their ancestors in an honest fashion. These types are not among them. They are culturally, morally and intellectually bankrupt.

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